Dorset Zapcat

 group corp crop

The ULTIMATE adrenaline rush!

Ideal for Stags, Hens, Groups or Corporate bookings. Your expert driver, or pilot, will put the Zapcat through 90 and 180 degree turns, pulling up to 3Gs!!!

Your job as co-pilot is to have your wits about you as you are not just a passenger, but responsible for balancing the Zapcat as your pilot rounds buoys, markers, surf and wakes at speeds of up to 45mph! When you’re not on the Zapcat you will be aboard one of our 7.8m 250hp RIBs blasting alongside making waves for the Zapcat to jump… Two experiences in one..!

This is also the PERFECT opportunity for you to get some amazing action shots of your colleagues and friends on board the Zapcat.

» See Dorset ZAPCAT EXPERIENCE full site for more details

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