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Meet the Team

Who’s who at Lyme Bay RIB Charter

Meet the team of awesome professionals at LBRC who will looking after you this season.

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LymeBayRibChartes_Dorset-Zoe Zoe – The Boss

The Boss and ‘Shoreside Operations Manager’ Usually found on the quay organising guests and skippers.

Zoe has reinstated her skippers ticket again so will be at the helm this season!

LymeBayRibChartes_Dorset-Milo Milo – Skipper

A commercial skipper for 23yrs and now a powerboat and jet ski instructor also, Skipper Milo is usually found at the helm, on the pontoons, cleaning boats or getting the tea and coffees in for the team.

(He’s also an owner at LBRC).

Keir Keir – Skipper

Joining LBRC for 2023 is Keir! With a long boating history under his belt including 2 years on the British Olympic Sail Training Team, Keir has travelled the world sailing, teaching sailing  & water sports as well as driving power boats in Dubai, the Bahamas & Greece. His experience & knowledge will be a fantastic addition to the team!

team-fpo Toby – Skipper

Ex British Army, now driving BIG boats for a living Toby brings with him a wealth of skills, experience and knowledge.

He’s certainly an asset to the team and we welcome him back for another season.

LymeBayRibChartes_Dorset-Richie_big_dog Richie L – Big Dog

Always smiley and cheery, the Big Dog is back with us on Sundays (at least) Richie is a solid fixture on the RIBs and has been with us for a number of years. Great with the public, great at the helm, terrible with a camera… get someone else to take your picture. Look out for Richie on Sundays

LymeBayRibChartes_Dorset-Tom Tom – Skipper

With us previously for 4yrs Tom left to design lifejackets for a living but, he will be back at weekends and whenever possible to drive boats and teach for us. A steady and safe pair of hands, Tom brings knowledge and skills beyond his years with him.

LymeBayRibChartes_Dorset-Jacob Jacob – Deckhand

Deckhand Jacob joined LBRC in ’21 and immediately took to it.

You’ll find him on the quay loading/unloading the RIBs, cleaning, assisting and helping with lifejackets. Jacob is looking to qualify with a commercial skippers ticket and is gaining invaluable experience with us along the way.  Look out for his cheeky smile…

LymeBayRibChartes_Dorset-Helen Helen – Skipper

Not only did Helen drive boats for a living in a previous life but, there wasn’t a marine/boating course she didn’t teach either! Instructing and training instructors, Helen brings a huge knowledge base to the team and we’re lucky to have her aboard.

LymeBayRibChartes_Dorset-Richie_H Richie H – Skipper

Newest team member, ex Royal Navy Aircrew Instructor and Powerboat Instructor, Richie also helped train the helmsmen for the 2012 Olympics. Now holding a Skippers ticket as well, we look forward to having him with us driving boats or teaching when he’s not working at his own Leadership & Safety training business.

LymeBayRibChartes_Dorset-Jo Jo H – Quayside

Back to help cover the quayside duties with LBRC, Jo can be found on the  assisting with bookings and all the info you need.

Super organised, Jo helps keep the day running smoothly and efficiently!

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